Friday, April 25, 2008

Things I hate more than being moderately sick (no order)

* People who play hip-hop too loud.
* When good actors appear in shitty movies.
* The ever plummeting dignity of contestants on reality TV series’.
* The retarded putting game people play in the halls, dressed up like they’re actually golfing. You’re not golfing. Get over yourself.
* Being really sick.
* The Miami Dolphins’ continuing inability to find a franchise quarterback.
* Terrible in-flight movies.
* The weak scruff that my face claims constitutes a beard and mustache.
* Vague or oversimple essay prompts. One is too broad, the other is too narrow. One you can write a book on, the other, a sentence.
* The cinematography in Behind Enemy Lines.
* The resurgence in popularity of wayfarers. They don’t look good.
* Plaid.
* That Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared each only lasted a season. A tragedy.
* Beer pong’s inherent dirtiness.
* Facebook applications.

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