Friday, April 25, 2008

Things the kids can do (and who made that decision)

* Not look up to him (Charles Barkley)
* Get up (the Get Up Kids)
* Eat Trix cereal (anthropomorphic rabbit)
* Eat rat shit (Lou Reed)
* Eat a bag of dicks (A Wilhelm Scream)
* Not stand a chance (Vampire Weekend)
* Be alright (the Who)
* Call you Ho-Ju (Homer Simpson)
* Be shrunk to minuscule size without your wife’s approval (Rick Moranis)


Anonymous said...

make a list of who you are bigger fag then, but I dont think the internet is big enough to hold of those names.

Ryan said...

Okay, here goes. Listing of the biggest fags on Earth.

* Everyone on Earth except for myself and Ed.
* Me
* Ed.