Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Movies that should be made.

* More Country for Old Men - Tommy Lee Jones muses for two hours about being old while chasing Anton Chigurh through West Texas. The big surprise comes five minutes in, when the movie is revealed to be a musical, though having the director of Dreamgirls on board should have been a tip off. Chirgurh and the Sheriff dance and sing their problems out. The original definitely needed more West Side Story.
* Moon Knight - I love Batman, but this movie could be so much better than any other superhero movie ever. He kills people! Cuts their faces off! Blows up cars! AHHHHH!
* A documentary about David Tumbach - If you know him, you'll understand. If you don't, let's just say it would be like watching Einstein explain relativity while driving a car off a cliff. Crazy or brilliant? Oscar gold, I say.
* The Godfather, pt. IV - While Coppola is still alive, it needs to be done. A young Don Vito Corleone consolidates power (post Godfather, pt. II) and we get to see where the family goes post-part III in the 1980s.
* A good adaptation of the Great Gatsby - Please. Just please. Don't fuck it up.
* A biopic of F. Scott Fitzgerald - As above, please let it be good.
* Miracle (aka the Best Game Ever) - About the 2006-2007 Boise State Broncos and THAT game. Did you see that game?
* The Greatest Action Move Ever - Modern computer effects combine John McClane, Dirty Harry, Indiana Jones and James Bond into one movie, fighting the diabolical duo of Darth Vader and the shark from Jaws. Cameos abound.
* Another Martin Scorcese gangster movie.

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