Thursday, June 26, 2008

How to be a hipster.

* Listen to music in vastly different genres. You absolutely cannot listen to "only metal" or "only rap".
* Your shoe choices are as follows: Vans Slip Ons, Converse All-Stars or Nike Dunks.
* All other clothing must be extremely tight fitting.
* Spend extremely little on clothing or a very large amount. There is no in-between.
* You must look disdainful at all times. No matter what you're doing or where you are, there is someplace better and cooler you could be.
* Speak reverently of Wes Anderson.
* Choose one band you would never normally listen to. It doesn't matter who or what style of music they play. Listen to them "ironically".
* When something you enjoy becomes popular, ditch it. If someone asks later, you can then claim to have been into the now popular thing before it was cool. This will make you seem even cooler.
* Following from that, a band's first album is the only one that is any good.
* Grow scuzzy facial hair (if male).
* Work a low-paying, but not demeaning, job.
* Have at least one vice (smoking, drinking, hard drug use, etc.).
* Be an amateur writer/filmmaker/DJ/band member. Your choice.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bands that would be fun to party with.

* Black Lips
* Faces, ca. 1971
* All Time Low
* The Replacements, ca. 1984
* Every Time I Die
* The Strokes, ca. 2001
* Arsonists Get All the Girls
* Fake Problems

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My top 5 favorite movies about music, and why.

5. Ray - Because Jamie Foxx's acting is straight-up brilliant. Also, it's a compelling, well-told story.
4. Control - As a Joy Division fan, I had high expectations for this. Luckily, it was great. Shooting in black and white worked well, Sam Riley played the part of Ian Curtis very well, and the music (both by JD and others) was top notch.
3. High Fidelity - Though it could be argued that this film isn't really about music, it would be wrong not to include it. Why? A. Bruce Springsteen dispenses advice in one of John Cusack's daydreams, B. John Cusack's character constantly breaks the fourth wall in fantastic ways, C. Jack Black is not annoying but funny and finally, D. Every music fan who sees this film will recognize parts of their life in it.
2. This is Spinal Tap - What can be said about the great Spinal Tap that hasn't already been said? It's an utter classic, and I urge anyone reading this who hasn't seen it yet to do so as soon as possible. One quote alone should prove this: "It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none, none more black." Classic.
1. Almost Famous - It's definitely a toss up between this and Spinal Tap. While both movies are love notes to rock and roll, this one has more wide-eyed wonder to it. Cameron Crowe wrote and directed the movie like he had lived the experiences it describes, which he had, and he doesn't allow for any cynicism to enter the movie (except maybe in Phillip Seymour Hoffman's excellent protrayal of Lester Bangs). Almost Famous is not only one of my favorite movies about music, but one of my favorite movies, period.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Possible reasons why no one reads this blog.

* I'm not enough of a shameless self-promoter.
* I'm not interesting.
* Lists are an unpalatable format for blogs.
* The constant music references are a turn-off to those unfamiliar with the bands or songs.
* I come off as crass/snobby/pretentious/immature (take your pick).
* My writing isn't that great.
* The lists themselves are contrived and tired.
* The subject matter merely acts to show how "hip" I think I am.