Saturday, October 25, 2008

Top 10 Most Ridiculous People I Knew in High School

This is the first list I have ever had to preface with explanations. Firstly, I realize this list will only be understood by a very small group, so I apologize to anyone who doesn't get this, though I still doubt anyone actually reads this. Secondly, if anyone on this list cares to argue their placement, go for it. I welcome the dialogue. I have omitted last names, but included a signature moment for each person.

10. Simon – Ask him about Gwar.
9. Michael – Kept a miniature tape measure in his pocket just for the fun of measuring things.
8. Madeline – Thought a Caucasian man with a Welsh accent was from Afghanistan.
7. Niall – His tenth grade yearbook photo featured stomach-turning long orange hair and a blinding rainbow tie-dye shirt.
6. David – Rather than get a job after his freshman year of college, Dave decided to gamble for a living.
5. Toss – Was suspended in grade school for jumping on a girl’s back, which is the extent of his contact with women.
4. Edward – Aside from his voice, which is quite unique, he once drunk-dialed a high school friend at 4am and complimented the young lady on her breasts.
3. Liam – Once passed out in his own vomit after six drinks.
2. Benjamin – The infamous dice face edges out other notable events like the cereal incident and the various pukings.
1. Emile – Aside from being part M├ętis, he was once (and could be still) in a band named the Ruckus. Yes, the Ruckus.

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