Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Signs of stress during finals week

* Diet becoming erratic in both scheduling and content.
* Clothes are often worn for three plus days straight.
* Things like shaving become less than an afterthought.
* Minor distractions are far more annoying than normal.
* Time flies by when you are taking a test or a break, but never when studying.
* Absentmindedness towards everything not related to exams.
* Wandering thought patterns, such as: What would happen if I could shoot lasers out of my eyes like Cyclops from the X-Men? That would be so wicked. I could just vaporize things that annoyed me. But I wouldn't want to wear the glasses all the time. That's way lame. Maybe it would be better if I could light things on fire with my mind. Like that one Stephen King book. What the fuck was its name? Damn, I can't remember. They made a movie. Let me check Wikipedia.
* A simmering hatred towards everyone.
* Firestarter, that was the one. Yeah, that would be awesome.

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