Monday, July 20, 2009

Things from "Stuff White People Like" that I do, in fact, like

* Hating people who wear Ed Hardy
* Funny or ironic tattoos
* Black music that black people don't listen to anymore
* America
* Halloween
* The Onion
* Facebook
* Girls with bangs
* Grammar
* Music piracy
* Shorts
* T-Shirts
* Modern furniture
* Musical comedy
* Michel Gondry
* Standing still at concerts
* Lawyers
* Irony
* Vintage
* Indie Music
* Wine
* Having black friends
* Wes Anderson movies
* Film festivals


Chelsea said...

We need to talk about Glenn Beck some time this week.

Walk-Abouter said...

Honestly, I think Chuck Klosterman would be a decent addition to the SWPL list. Or is he basically already on it, between 80s parties, irony and indie music?