Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blind spots in my ongoing attempts to become more cultured

* Classical music
* Moby Dick
* The works of Charles Dickens
* Renaissance art
* "Epic" films like the Ten Commandments and Lawrence of Arabia
* Jazz
* Citizen Kane
* Modernism in general
* Dada and surrealism
* French new wave

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Top 5 most '60s-esque decades

5. the '50s
4. the '20s
3. the '70s
2. the '60s
1. the '90s

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Top 10 Best Produced Albums

10. Amy Winehouse - Back to Black (Mark Ronson, Salaam Remi)
9. The Who - Who's Next (The Who, Glyn Johns)
8. Tom Waits - Rain Dogs (Tom Waits)
7. The Mars Volta - Deloused in the Comatorium (Rick Rubin, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez)
6. Radiohead - Kid A (Nigel Godrich, Radiohead)
5. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (Pink Floyd)
4. Talking Heads - Remain in Light (Brian Eno)
3. Joy Division - Closer (Martin Hannett)
2. Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run (Springsteen, Mike Appel, Jon Landau)
1. The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds (Brian Wilson)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Messages to current musical acts

* Lady Gaga: All the ABBA and Ace of Base ripoffs in the world won't make you attractive.
* Lil Wayne: I don't much like your music, but you sure are entertaining.
* LMFAO: I'm still stunned you're a real band, and not an SNL skit.
* The Arcade Fire: I didn't care six years ago, and I don't care now.
* M.I.A.: You're a one-hit wonder. Now fade into obscurity with the rest of them.
* The Strokes: If the new album isn't good, don't even bother.
* MGMT: You're lucky the World Cup was this year, otherwise there'd be no question about who was responsible for the biggest flop.
* Rihanna: Why is your forehead so big?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bourbons I have known (and short descriptions)

* Wild Turkey - Not bad. Will always do in a pinch, though never my first choice.
* Wild Turkey 101 - Better than the standard 80 proof, but much more dangerous.
* Maker's Mark - Wildly overrated. Not worth the price, though the bottle is cool.
* Jim Beam - The gold standard. In most cases, this is my go-to bourbon.
* Jim Beam Black - Only a little stronger, and not really better than the standard Beam. Not worth the price increase over the regular stuff.
* Bulleit - The best sipping bourbon I've ever had. Highly recommended.
* Rebel Yell - A better mix with Coke than Beam. Harder to find and slightly more expensive though. And yes, the namesake of the Billy Idol song.
* Knob Creek - Expensive, but good. Not the best I've ever had, but still high quality.