Thursday, August 5, 2010

Messages to current musical acts

* Lady Gaga: All the ABBA and Ace of Base ripoffs in the world won't make you attractive.
* Lil Wayne: I don't much like your music, but you sure are entertaining.
* LMFAO: I'm still stunned you're a real band, and not an SNL skit.
* The Arcade Fire: I didn't care six years ago, and I don't care now.
* M.I.A.: You're a one-hit wonder. Now fade into obscurity with the rest of them.
* The Strokes: If the new album isn't good, don't even bother.
* MGMT: You're lucky the World Cup was this year, otherwise there'd be no question about who was responsible for the biggest flop.
* Rihanna: Why is your forehead so big?

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