Saturday, February 4, 2012

Prop bets for the Super Bowl

  • Minutes of game-time elapsed before Rob Gronkowski's injury is mentioned: o/u 3:00
  • Number of unsightly, bulging neck veins visible in HD on Madonna: o/u 6.5
  • John Madden replacing Chris Collinsworth at halftime: +5000
  • Number of booth shots of Peyton Manning looking forlorn: o/u 3.5
  • Minutes elapsed between kickoff and the first Bud Light commercial, in real time: o/u 4:30
  • Eli first displaying Manning face before halftime: -300
  • Questionable Tom Coughlin challenges: o/u 1.5
  • Player other than Tom Brady or Eli Manning winning the MVP: +1000
  • Chris Collinsworth describing an offensive unit by starting the sentence with "You know, these guys...": -2000
  • Shots of Belichick scowling: o/u 24.5

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