Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reflections and realizations after a week of listening to nothing but the Rolling Stones

  • Sticky Fingers is still my favorite Stones album, in fact, it's definitely one of my favorite albums ever
  • The number of live Stones albums is TOO DAMN HIGH (seriously, they've saturated that market)
  • Out of Our Heads is a near-masterpiece overlooked due to being one of their early albums
  • Here is a list of underrated songs: Tops, I Am Waiting, Ruby Tuesday, One Hit (To the Body), Monkey Man, Thru and Thru, 100 Years Ago
  • "Sway" is Mick's best vocal performance
  • I still can't get into Beggar's Banquet
  • Side two of Tattoo You is excellent late-night listening
  • Seriously, "One Hit (To the Body)" is really good. I know it's from the '80s, but it's incredible
  • I am a big enough Rolling Stones fan to listen to nothing else for a whole week and still not get sick of them

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