Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ideas for a TV show starring New York's new favorite sons, Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin

  • An "Odd Couple" type show where Lin is the uptight, more-than-competent one and Tebow is the goofy  underachiever who always lucks his way into success
  • A gritty cop show where both Lin and Tebow are transferred into a Queens precinct after being run out of their old towns and have to learn how to do things the New York way
  • Reality dating show
  • AMC/HBO type prestige drama about the struggles of the sanitation union (Lin as the overworked union rep, Tebow as the popular worker)
  • Christian evangelical talk show
  • Late night talk show with Tebow as the host and Lin as the sidekick and announcer
  • Conspiracy theory documentary series with Tebow on ominous voiceover duty and Lin as the host

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