Monday, June 25, 2012

Top 10 things I learned from visiting the Jersey Shore

10. Atlantic Ocean: Salty
9. It is possible to burn the tops of your feet
8. The beaches in New Jersey are apparently segregated by socioeconomic class
7. Dubstep is the dance music of choice now
6. There are dolphins just offshore (I didn't see them, but a friend did)
5. There is apparently no saturation point for the number of Italian restaurants or Irish pubs in a given area
4. Sleeping four or five hours a night and being out in the sun for several hours a day is not sustainable in the long term
3. Towns filled entirely with enormous beach houses tend to have heavy police presences
2. Open air gyms exist!
1. That guidos and guidettes are not inventions of the media, but are, in fact, very real


Johnny Sins said...

Where the fuck was the open-air gym? (Dave)

Timbo said...

It was in seaside across the street from the italian place we went to