Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Things Google suggests to complete your search when you type: *

  • "Is Eminem" - dead, gay, married, Illuminati
  • "Is Robert De Niro" - married, Jewish, gay, 's wife black
  • "Is Lindsay Lohan" - dead, gay, gay 2012, pregnant 2012
  • "Is Gucci Mane" - in jail, Illuminati, a Blood, dead
  • "Is Jeremy Lin" - injured, Nigahiga's cousin, hurt, coming back
  • "Is Alex Turner" - nice, gay, single, left handed
  • "Is Nancy Pelosi" - on crack, married, retiring, insane
  • "Is Lil B" - gay, serious, a joke, retarded
  • "Is Kurt Cobain" - dead, alive, in hell, overrated
  • "Is Snoop Dogg" - a Crip, dead, a felon, a Rastafarian
  • "Is Kim Kardashian" - pregnant, pregnant 2012, divorce, and Kanye West dating
  • "Is Adam Sandler" - dead, married, Jewish, dead 2012
* Presented without comment until the next list, which will discuss what I learned from this exercise

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