Thursday, March 7, 2013

Things that worry me (in decreasing order of importance)

  • A North Korean nuclear attack (especially on Atlanta, while I'm there)
  • Drone strikes on American soil
  • Economic instability (especially affecting the jobs market)
  • Polarized political atmosphere leading to extremist parties
  • Breaking Bad and Mad Men being disappointing this year (I realize this is a substantial drop off)
  • Drake's new album having a lot of filler 
  • No new Arctic Monkeys album this year
  • Russell Brand maintaining his career
Edit: I don't normally update prior lists from a new one, but I would like to note, in regards to my earlier "Personal Achievements" entry, that I also once solved the New York Times crossword (a Monday, admittedly) in pen, with no help, and only one error (had Anjelica Huston's name spelled with a "g").

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