Thursday, December 26, 2013

Musical miscellany, 2013

  • No "best new artist" this year - everyone on my lists was a known quantity of some sort
  • Biggest disappointment: Drake - Nothing Was the Same
  • Best album from 2012 that I didn't hear until 2013: Chromatics - Kill for Love (sorry, Pato)
  • Best song from 2012 that I didn't hear until 2013: Sky Ferreira - Everything Is Embarassing
  • Annual "classic rock I got super into this year" award: David Bowie, come on down
  • Will I ever care about Beyonce or Lady Gaga: Doesn't look like it
  • Biggest surprise: The warm critical reception of most Deathwish Inc. releases
  • Line of the year: "There's no need to show me 'round baby / I feel like I've been here before" in Arctic Monkeys' "One for the Road"
  • Album I'm most likely to regret not listening to this year: Savages - Silence Yourself
  • Best album cover of 2013: Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City

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